Ultimate Lotologist has been created for people that are interested in the subject of Lotology (Lottery Memorabilia).

At Ultimate Lotologist, you can share pictures of your memorabilia, such as Lottery Instants (Scratch Cards) and Lottery Tickets, in our gallery. This allows you to show other users from all over the world, what you have in your collection. The site also allows you to convert gallery items into auctions, so that you can auction off your most collectible cards and/or duplicates to the highest bidder.

Build Collection

This is a very specially developed module and it will assist you in building a Lottery Instant collection, but at a vastly accelerated rate. The Build Collection module allows you to grow your collection with items from all over the world, enhancing your interest and collection many times over.

The ultimate goal of the Build Collection module is that it can help you to gather many hundreds or even thousands of un-scratched Lottery Instants for your collection. Yes, un-scratched, so this leaves you to scratch them off and claim what they may reveal. Imagine £10 ...how nice would that be. A £20, £50 or even £100, is certainly not out of the question. It is not impossible that you could have a £40,000 a year for life card, a £100,000 for 12 years or even an outright £1 Million.

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